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Dental Services

  • Prophylaxis of gums affections
  • Treatment for gingivitis and periodontopathy
The periodontal diseases affect millions of people; such diseases start early and cause the loss of teeth. The primary cause of such infections is the dental plaque, a colony of bacteria localized on the surface of teeth and gums. The bacteria from the plaque produce toxins that cause periodontal infections. The good news is that most of the periodontal disease may be prevented or, once occurred, they may be treated. This can be done without any problems if the treatment starts in the early stages of the disease. If you notice gum bleeding, halitosis (bad breath), burns or other discomfort at the level of gums, all these need to draw your attention on the start of a potential periodontal disease. Dental mobility, large inter-teeth spaces, loss of one or more teeth represent most of the times a sign of the advanced stage of the disease. Even if the periodontal diseases in advanced stages cannot be treated, their evolution may be slowed down. Our dental office has modern, efficient and complex means to treat periodontal diseases. A specialist can identify the disease in early stages, when the treatment is easier and cheaper at the same time. The teeth loss may be avoided by coming to a dental check-up at least every 6 months.