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Dental Implant

Implantology - from reconstructing one tooth to arch impression and prothesis on implants
The dental implant is the perfect solution to replace the lost teeth. There were times when, using the classic method, the dentist was supposed to first grind the adjoined teeth and to build and arch impression, but now the tooth is implanted directly into the bone. This way, any time a tooth falls from the arch, the ideal replacement solution is the dental implant.
The dental implant is a bolt-shaped device made of pure titan; this is a biocompatible material which allows for the biological integration into the bone tissue by the process called osteointegration.

Advantages of the dental implant:
- it offers the sensation of natural teeth;
- it offers an optimal esthetics and functionality of the masticatory system;
- it improves mastication, phonetics and physiognomy;
- it offers the possibility to provide a very good oral hygiene;
- it decreases the risk of caries on the teeth adjacent to implants;
- it maintains the level of the teeth bone and gums;
- it totally stabilizes the prosthetic works;
- it is method of durable treatment, highly resistant and with low risks.
From a medical point of view, the dental implant treatment has no disadvantages. Age is no impediment for inserting a dental implant as long as the patient has no serious diseases. The dental implant is not counter indicated to smokers; however its lifetime decreases considerably depending on the number of cigars smoked on a daily basis.

Treatment stages:
The implant is inserted after the extraction place healed or immediately after the extraction, by means of a surgical intervention not very complicated, which might be compared with a tooth extraction. The intervention is done using local anesthesia and it is absolutely pain free, it does not require hospitalization or home time off. After a while, necessary to integrate into the bone (between 1 to 6 months), another metallic piece called prosthetic blunt component is attached to the implant, on top of which the doctor may place the dental crown or arch.

The lifetime of a dental implant
Generally, the lifetime of an implant highly depends on the patient. The 10-year success rate goes beyond 95 %. The patient’s hygiene is very important, not to mention the periodical check-ups (every 6 months), the health condition and a healthy lifestyle (preferably no smoking and alcohol).