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Doctors Advice

The hygienization of the apparatus and of the bucal cavity is done after each meal and before any application.
The hygienization of the apparatus by its cleaning with water and soap using another toothbrush than the one used for the brushing of the teeth is compulsory.
After cleaning, the apparatus is kept in dry place, preferably in a small box.
Once a week, the apparatus is kept in an antiseptic solution (water mouth or solution obtained from an effervescent Corega pill).
Do not forget to activate the apparatus at the indications of the orthodontist. .
Before activation, it is recommended to wear the apparatus for at least 2 to 3 hours. This is also valid for the situation where the apparatus hasn’t been worn for a longer period of time (few days).
If you experience pain or the apparatus can no longer be introduced in mouth talk to your orthodontist.