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Doctors Advice

- The bandage in line with the wound will be kept for at least two hours; if the haemorrhage persists after the bandage removal, it is recommendable for the patient to return to the cabinet immediately;
- The diet will be resumed after the bandage removal. It is indicated to follow a semi-liquid diet, at room temperature;
- It is recommended to masticate food on the other hemi arcade in order to avoid the injury of the operated area;
- Avoid rinsing your mouth with mouth water or different types of tea on the day of the surgery;
- Do not consume acidulated drinks and do not smoke during the first two days after the intervention;
- The brushing of the teeth will be resumed the second day, without injuring the operated area;
- It is recommended to gently rinse with water mouth containing chlorhexidine;
- It is indicated to apply cold compresses on the cheek, in line with the operated area in order to reduce the postoperative oedema. It is indicated to apply them at every 30 minutes;
- Strictly follow the medication prescribed by the doctor;
- Suture threads will be removed after 7 days.