Certificat de garantie

About Us

Dr.Smile Dental Office is a top quality fan; we try to offer our clients the best services possible, we use premium materials, a special room for sterilization, a radiology device, special equipments and apparatus for dental implants surgeries.

The qualitative dental treatment, applied by a team of physicians working with ultramodern equipments and materials, is the solution for good-looking and healthy teeth. That is the reason why Dr. Smile is keeping up with the latest news in the filed. Special interventions, such as treatment by dental implant, are performed by a team of dentists specialized in oral surgery.
In our dental office, the dentist shall immediately evaluate your dental health status; you will discuss together the treatment options and how to solve the problems in the shortest time possible.

The friendly environment and the professionalism of the medical team shall make the time spent with us pass more pleasantly.

Because we know time is precious for you, we strictly respect the schedule and at the same time, we adjust to potential changes that might arise in your agenda, thus rescheduling in due time.
The painless dental treatment is one of out major objectives. Moreover, this is a fact with us (particularly in pediatric dentistry).


The entire range of dental services provided by DR.Smile Dental Office is backed-up by Guarantee Certificate issued for 2 to 5 years, depending on the dental works undertaken.